Jameron mood quencher (Excert from John and Cameron writes a Porno)

The lights of the city where glittering all around them, gothic structures protruding into the sky, glinting towers in a forest of concrete and crystal. The air was frigid over the dark Chicago night and the occupants of the roof sat close together covered up tightly.

“So what do you think?” John Connor asked. The broad, muscular man’s brown vintage leather coat was wrapped around him, a dark blue scarf protected his neck. There was an amused smile on his face as he watched intently the person next to him.

The teenage girl had long ringlets of dark hair that fluttered in the wind and paled skin in the cold. A purple motorcycle jacket, matching scarf, and hip huggers, where hardly protection from the deep cold of the wind coming off the lake they shared the view of. In hand Cameron Baum had a thick slice of Pan Pizza that steamed in the bitter air.

“It’s not bad …” She claimed blinking at him.

He laughed bitterly at her. “Not bad … Cam, you drove us out here without warning, practically kidnapped us to go on a road trip with you … all for just tasting that pizza, and it’s only “Not bad” is it?” He sighed at his companion, enduringly.

At his response she tightened her cheek. “It’s not that it’s good or bad …” She studied the pizza. “I can’t quantify the experience.” She turned back to him.

“In other words you’re not sure what you’re feeling?” He asked.

“Yes.” She nodded.

He smirked. “Give it here.” He motioned her to bring the box of pizza his way. But instead, Cameron brought herself closer to him, and moved the bitten into slice to his mouth. Without a thought he let her feed him. He felt a little self-aware as his companion watched him eat, steam blowing in her face from the mixture of the pizza temperature and his breath clouding out with every bite.

“Well?” She asked this time.

He nodded. “Not bad …” He smirked mischievously at her.

She rolled her eyes. “What does that mean?” She complained, clearly not liking being teased.

John swallowed. “Well how am I supposed to quantify it for you, when I don’t know what you want me to equate it too.” He chuckled clearly enjoying the power over her.

She looked mildly disappointed, feeding him another bite after taking another. “Is it like sex?” She asked.

A cough sputtered out of John, to which his cyborg companion patted him on the back. “What?!” he gapped at her.

“Is this pizza like sex?”

“Do you know what sex feels like?”

“Like going to church?”

“Been to many Mass’s where it ends with a giant orgy, Cam?”

“No, but I hear Sarah squeal it out sometimes, when Derek puts his hand down her jeans.”

“ …and now I’ll never see another church the same way again.”

“John, If I had sex … would I be required to commune with the holy trinity pre-coital, to achieve orgasm? Assuming that’s why so many women apparently call out god’s name.”

“h’okay … Let’s just enjoy the pizza, Cam.”

After a moment Cameron fed him another slice, to which he smiled. “It’s your pizza … don’t you want anymore?” He asked.

She almost seemed shy, looking away a moment. “It’s just …” She looked back at him. “I like watching you eat.” She seemed ever serious about the statement.

With a quirked eyebrow John couldn’t hide the grin. “That’s a bit weird.” He admitted.

“Oprah says everyone’s a bit weird.” She replied.

John shook his head. “You really watch Oprah?” he asked.

“No, I met her?”

“Bull-shit! Where?”

“At the book store.”

“You went to a bookstore?”

“Sarah and I went to a bookstore while you and Derek where finding directions to the Sears building.”

“Why would you go to a bookstore? Mom doesn’t read … In fact I think the barbarian would sooner burn a book to fuel a fire than actually pick one up.”

“She said it was a new dawn and she was going to catch up on all the things she missed.”

“What happened?”

“She got distracted by the train sets in the children’s section.”

“And the circles of the world were circles indeed … So what did you tell Oprah?”

“That her television network is going to be terminated.”


“Yes, I read an article in an old magazine at Home Plate in the future once, dated three years from now.”

“I’m sure she took it well.”

“She asked if Donald Trump sent me.”

He laughed and put a strong arm around her shoulder.







Slowly the Chicago roof top faded into a dark abyss and John Connor at twenty four found there where several things going on around him. One, he could feel he was in bed, the sheets up to his waist. Second, he could feel the comfortably familiar material of satin rubbing against his bare chest, and a warm torso underneath the material. Three, Someone was shaking his large muscular arm over and over again.

Opening his eyes the first thing that hazily came to view was golden flecked brown eyes staring at something behind him. John found his cyborg protector to be in the familiar position of siting in bed in her satin night slip, his arm thrown arcoss her thighs, head tucked against her belly. He felt the same somewhat annoying weight of his bed companion’s smartphone propped against his head.

He grunted and turned to find, piercing blue eyes that where not unfamiliar, but a rare sight. A woman in her mid-thirties with a bed robe stood looming over him and a gentle maternal hand on his arm.

“Ah, whut teh hull?!” John was hazily startled, Jumping, his back pressed against Cameron’s chest.

Michelle Dixon … or whatever she was now after the divorce, looked sympathetic and awkward, despite the desperation and fear in her eyes. Despite the fact that she had been dating his uncle for a few weeks it still was a bit of adjustment to see her in the mornings.

“I’m sorry, John.” She placed a hand on his thigh through the covers.

“Michelle … what’s, what’s going on it’s ...” John reached up taking Cameron’s hand that had been holding her phone in place against his head and brought around into view.

“It’s six in the morning” he finished, looking up at her.

“John, you got to get down there!” She walked to the window.

He rubbed his face, sleepily. “why?” He sighed.

“It’s Charlie … I think Derek is going to kill him.” The kind eyed woman said nervously, looking down from John and Cameron’s window.

John just rolled his eyes. “Well if we all go back to sleep we can testify we didn’t see anything at the murder trial.” He yawned and reached a hand back again, playfully shutting Cameron’s eyelids. Slinking down into a lying position, Cameron wrapped her arms around John’s chest and both pretended to go back to sleep.

Seeing the two of them, a blaze of fear and frustration lit the nurse’s eyes. “Guys!” She uncharacteristically lost her cool, stomping a foot.

John let out a long agitated sigh at a situation he was tired of policing. “Alright … Alright, I’ll be down in a second.” He yawned one more time. He heard hurried steps leave the room.

With another long yawn, he felt his body fighting him all the way, telling him that three hours of sleep wasn’t enough. But when you had a best friend that never slept it was a trend to lose track of time when talking in bed. Cameron untangled her arms from around him and was first out of bed, John struggled to sit up scooting back to his side of the bed.

“I was dreaming of Chicago.” He placed his head in his hands, hunched over in a sitting position, deluding himself that he wasn’t really awake.

Cameron turned from her digging through a drawer and watched him. “Was there a fire?” She asked. John just frowned.

“No … when we went up there last month.” He chuckled sleepily at her odd comment.

“Oh … are you hungry? We can drive back if you want?” She replied finding what she was looking for, and plucking it out. She walked over and handed it to him, a soft long sleeve t-shirt to cover a shirtless upper body covered with gruesome scars.

He smiled at her. “I don’t think anything can top the first time.” He seemed incapable of moving his arms so he placed his head against her stomach affectionately. There was a ghost of a smile that crossed her lips, but it disappeared quickly.

“Don’t go back to sleep.” She stepped away from him, his head lulling at the separation.

He willed his arms to work straightening the shirt to wear. A few feet away Cameron stood sentry at window watching something outside.

“You know …” He sighed with a confused look on his face. “Before that, I had a weirder dream.” He seemed pensive.

Turning her head back to John, Cameron seemed to be very interested. “What about?” The cyborg had always been intrigued about dreaming and the subconscious of the human mind. Every morning the first thing John woke up too was Cameron asking what he was dreaming about. Sometimes he thought that the only reason she lays in bed with him all night is so that she could hear about what goes on in his head when she’s not with him. John would admit that he feels a little twinge of guilt when he tells her that he can’t remember and she gets that disappointed wince that if you blink, you miss. So sometimes he made things up to make her happy … but this time he couldn’t make up what he dreamed about.

“I had a dream that J-day happened … and from the nuclear fires armies of walking Broomsticks with buckets were over running the planet.” With a quirk of an eyebrow, he found her brown eyes, expectantly.

“Oh …” Cameron exclaimed softly. “I watched Fantasia on my phone after you fell asleep.” She confirmed.

John nodded. “Well that’s explains why we all lived in an Old Castle, I had mouse ears, Mom was dressed like Merlin, and you saved me with an army of hippopotamuses in matching ballet costumes.” He sighed. He then paused, face screwed up in confusion.

Both exchanged looks, wordlessly, their gaze then fell on Cameron’s abandoned phone on top of the covers. The former soldier turned back to Cameron. “You got to stop watching movies on top of my head, when I go to sleep.” He frowned.


With a tired grown he found his feet and stumbled for balance a moment, before lumbering over to the window in order to share the view of his former protector. Below in the front yard, a tall man in a long sleeve and designer stubble seemed to be in the face of a shorter man with a buzz cut in a motorcycle jacket of black leather. Both seemed to be trying to intimidate the other. Several feet away, a lithe figured woman stood in a matching leather jacket to the buzz cut man, she had pale skin in the cold, and long waving blond hair, stuck under a wool cap. Her sharp green eyes looked annoyed.

John groaned, turning to his companion. “I believe there was a plan from last year if they ever pulled this again?” He asked.

Cameron frowned. “We kill Charlie and Derek, pay off Michelle, and hold Sarah prisoner till Stockholm sets in.” She supplied emotionlessly.

John gave a long drawn out sigh of regret.

 “We should’ve killed them when we had the chance.”

Jameron Short: Snow Angels (Commission by Kaotic)

Snow Angels ...Collapse )

Sunset: Jameron Short (Kaotic commission)

BeachesCollapse )

The Conversation (TSCC AU)

AU in which Riley Confronts Cameron without knowledge of her being a cyborg. Collapse )

A Case notes Summery or Aurora
Make a note that while this is part personal opinion, part professional opinion. I have never actually went on an active murder case that hadn't already been solved or wasn't cold.

This analysis of the massacre at Aurora will be short and sweet as I often find more useful in case filing … or profiling … and since this isn’t actually a case of mine, but I’m writing this entry as if I was going put this in my major case journal I trust no one will be mislead to think I actually am in Auroa. All of it will be based on research basically.

James Holmes, Lead suspect (and only suspect) in the Assault of Theater nine, Century 16 movie theater, Aurora Colorado in opinion of basic investigation and theory of evidence is clear to stand trial for 14 murders (Three of which were adolescent children) and 56 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Through basic findings in interviews with instructors at the University of California, Riverside and University of Colorado graduate program the suspect has in likely hood shown incredible evidence of Text book narcissism. Starting from the known opinions of high appraisal from instructors using words such as “Genius”, “Greatness”, and one even saying “The greatest student I ever taught.” Precedence of other suspects of mass murder has been to commit suicide and or confront law enforcement in firefights, due to recorded and documented mental illness. Suspect Holmes in point of fact did none of these things as well as having no record of any kind. He is known to have surrendered to Aurora law enforcement without a struggle, unrepentantly confessing to his alleged crimes.

Motive pending, theory is most likely linked to a Narcissistic need to be remembered. I sight a current withdrawal from the Neurosciences program, might be evidence to show a crisis of identity. A man whose ego and narcissistic tendencies drove him to strive in his own mind to the status he was told over and over again he was destined to achieve. This Narcissistic attitude and blind need to obtain his destined objective bred a sociopathic disregard for human life, a moral center thrown away in need to achieve his goal. Make note that this Joker persona that he claims to have, is in the opinion of this investigator a smoke screen, in order to bargain for an insanity plea, once caught.

In summery it is the opinion of Lead Investigator (Matt Phantomwriter05) that Suspect Holmes actions July 20th, 2012 through meticulous planning from scoping the theater, dressing in riot grear, to the booby trapping and wiring of his apartment has shown that his actions were calculated and pre meditated, and thus without any further evidence to the contrary is not viable to be handed an Insanity plea. James Holmes being of sound mind and body is ready to stand trial to face any and all charges that the people of Colorado deem to attempt in prosecution.

Case Summery #0

Investigator – Matt Phantomwriter05


The Roads less traveled.

A little less impressive then my co-hoards but still interesting.

I'm kinda flattered ... TSCC fanart
Pretteh Sarah
So the other day I talked to an artist named kim on tumblr who was planning on doing some fan art for a TSCC and wanted some fanfics.

And I was like that's cool ... and I sent her one of my TSCC fanfics.

So she read several chapters of "Because the Night" newly edited by Alice_bunny and she really liked it ...

so after some back and forth she sent me a prototype sketch while she was reading.


She drew Ryan Connor, at least how she imagined him.

I'm flattered, though he's not how I quite imagined him.

But Kim has said this was a rough sketch and that she wanted to work on the concept some more.

I'm the first Jameron Fanfic writer to get Fanart.

I feel accomplished.

Personal Responsibility and the breaking of a friendship.
So two great events have happened internet wise.

I'm not going to beat around the bush as I usually don't when I have a beef with someone. So a week ago? I don't quite remember, but me and Fig_Aruna have had a serious falling out here recently over something I find really polorizing.

On her LiveJournal She called the Vietnam War "Imperilistic" Which I took offense too, I lost family in the Vietnam, and some who did come back have never been the same since. Now it gets me really fired up, when people say things like that.

I did a Paper in College on a CIA Operation called "Operation Phoenix" it was a Operation to assassinate and infiltrate the Vietcong till it collapsed (Which it did) During the Nixon Administration they had congressional hearings over the operation.

The Field Officer testified with pictures of Mutitlated Children of South Vietnamese villages done by Vietcong. I've seen these pictures, and I have had nightmares since then, which is years ago.

I told this and more to Aruna in order to get her how misguided these careless statements were, I would like to think that people in my family, good people would have there memories respected. But suddenly now I'm "Close Minded" and "Selfish" because I just don't understand her pain, her family being from both sides of Vietnam, and the corruption of the south. She somehow finds these atrocities such as the massacre of Innocents in Saigon, and the horrors of the Vietcong strangly justified in order to defeat oppression? She says I'm closed minded, but what about turning a Blind eye to the murder of millions at the hands of "The Liberators" ...

You know I've actually found being away from Fig_Aruna kind of uplifting TBH. My one complaint about Fig_Aruna that has sort of grown of late, is her lack of taking responsibility in her life. She constantly victim worships.

What I mean is that, she is someone who takes the role of the victim, in order to use it as a shield in order to take step two, which is to cast despersion, and or justify any response to someone that she views as an enemy (IE someone who doesn't agree with her.)

It's an unprincipled tactic, used by unprincipled people. It's one thing to believe in something, it's another when you have no limits on how far those beliefs go.

I don't believe in Gay Marriage, I won't vote for it, but it doesn't mean that I'm going justify the murders or the Beating up of Gay Couples. But in cases of Fig_Aruna especially here recently, she's shown herself to be someone who can justify just about anything that fits with her beliefs. Excusing it as "Rightous Rage" (Her excuse for rudeness of other followers of her blog and the Atrocities of the N.Vietnamese.)

I've cared about her for three years now, I've felt bad for her many past traumas, Considered her a friend, and I've sent PMs in the past to check on her well being, and once or twice to bare my soul when things got hard. But I won't be party to someone who can't take personal responsibility to their situations, or have no principles.

The Road goes both ways.


PS. I've got a post coming about TSCC "Intellectual Fans" VS. the "Causual Fan" and how "Retarded" it is. And it involves Jameron.

Project Lioness (Interview 1)
Pretteh Sarah

Interview #1Collapse )

The Identity Thief (Fanfic preview)
Pretteh Sarah
The Identity Thief

Story based off of the work of Paul Dini

Four to Five chapter TSCC fanfiction set before/AU to Ourselves Alone.

Summery: While John copes with the secrets he's stumbled upon, and Sarah tries to recover from her Three dots obsession, and kidnapping. John and Cameron investigate a brutal trail of murders from London, to Los Angeles with chilling connections to Sarah.

Dubbed the Identity Thief by the Los Angeles press, the killer who is murdering the victims by numbing their vocal cords, carving off their faces while awake and wraps their heads in bandages.

But what happens when John and Cameron's trail lead them straight to Sarah?

Has the wear and tear of the three dots finally taken Sarah over the edge? or is someone in the shadows with a more sinister plan in mind?

Stay tuned ...


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