Lena Headey in a new behind the scenes video in Rolling Stone.
So since the Lena Headey Community is now mod locked with no mods I guess I have to post this here.

Anyway Lena was in last month's Rolling Stone to mark the huge pop culural explosion of Game of Thrones and she did a couple of photos with some of the cast ...

Since this is my Journal I can take an editoral moment to point out some things that bothers me?

Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) ... I understand why they have Lena, Emila Clarke, and Kit Harrington in this, because Cersei, Jon Snow, and Dany Targaryen are the consistant main characters of the series ... But Alfie Allen ... Dude can stop a clock, Son's U.G.L.Y okay ... was there no way they could've gotten? Nikola Costa Waldo (Jaime Lannister) or Richard Madden (Robb Stark) to be in this shoot? Get one of the main characters of the series in there? I mean I know that Allen's older sister is like the Katy Perry of Brittan ... but really Rolling Stone? really?


One other thing ...

As a student of human behavior, which was a job requirement for six years ... I felt a little bad for the girls, because to me, it was clear as day that they have sort of a weirded out feeling after that shoot.

I don't really blame them, it was kinda obvious to me that Lena and Emila didn't exactly feel all that comfortable with being half naked in fur and grinding on eachother the way they were. Now I understand that Lena has kissed women before in movies and stuff, but if you look at the movies she's fully clothed and there's no peting or anything of the sort.

There is obviously a big change from kissing to doing something sensual with a girl that is barely legal, whither your lesbian or straight.

Tip for the kids at home ... when someone mentions something in a off handed joke. "Playing around in fur ... and with eachother." and "In a fashionible way" with the tone they used That is what one calls a back handed complaint. They're mentioning it to draw attention without being rude.

Now I can go on a rant about photographers doing these things and forcing on models ... but that's for another time and most likely unclassified Case files someday down the road.

Anyway ... I totally pulled a Fig-Aruna when I saw the picture of Lena possing in fur, bare stomach, and Def Lepard Jeans, with sex face.

But I'm over it.

I usually don't post things like this ...
So if anyone has stuck with this journal for awhile than you know that it always comes back to two things

Sarah Connor Chronicles and Batman:the Animated Series.

anyway I think I might have found something that has me so enthralled right now I might lose my shit over it.

So I saw Bruce Timm (Creator of Batman: The Animated Series ... basically the Godfather of DC Animated) likes to do Commissions, and in an Artbook he writes a bulurb about liking to do commission drawings. I saw Sarah Connor's name mentioned.

So I'm like "Yeah ... If I have to see another Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor I'm going to lose my shit."

Cause I was burned before by 1984 where they had Lena!Sarah on the covers but then inside they had a generic blond Teenage girl.

But, I was like hey, you know what ... it's Bruce Timm, he was a big part of my childhood ... Lets see Sarah Connor.

So I typed in Bruce Timm Sarah Connor Chronicles.

and I found this!

Now the Contraversy surrounding this picture stems from the fact that while I typed in Sarah Connor Bruce Timm, the Article that this picture comes from doesn't mention Sarah Connor what so ever.

Also Kaotic already pointing it out to me, suggests that it doesn't look like Sarah either. But then if I can be so blunt ... being a Cameron fanboy and all around Glauroid you've always had Mom goggles on when it comes to Sarah ... so you might not be the best person to argue that point. LOL!

But I know some of my older LJ buddies *Looks at Figgy* have thought a little more about these sort of thing (If'ya know what I mean)


Here ...

You guys be the judge ...

and yes Bruce Timm likes to draw nude girls so ... it's not a stretch for someone to want to see Sarah as a pinup girl ...

I'm not going to use a cut so if there's little kids around ... so don't be like Alice_Bunny and say inappropraite things that young children can read on computers and then get lambasted by your mother over it.

Can some one please tell me what this is?
Prologue: Concerning Connors

Before we begin our story I would be amiss to point out that there are some problems and misconceptions with the title. It should be noted that there is in fact little known about Connors before out tale begins, and while the name will grow to be one of most importance in human history the origins and concepts of what a Connor is made of is quite unknown. For the man who bestowed the name Connor on our heroine, did not in fact stay around long enough for us to know much about those who carry the name, and what they’re like.

So it would seem more fitting to rename the story concerning Sarah. But since Sarah is a Connor and her actions and her quality is what’s most important, it would seem that the title should in fact fit with how our story ends.

So begins our tale …

There once was a girl who lived on top of a hill. It was a green hill, well maintained, with a white coble stone path that led to a large house with a quite stylish white picket fence. The white and quite regal looking Victorian house was pretty and comfortable, an heirloom of the Brydon family.

Sarah Connor, newly graduated from high school, wasn’t truly a Brydon, in name or sensibilities, but her mother was, and since her mother was in fact the only parent she had, Sarah was often lumped in with her mother’s family. The Brydons where an old family of great respect in the small town they lived in. venerable and seen worthy by the community in large, the Brydons wealth was as great as their respected name, though one might say one could not exist without the other.

A Brydon was someone of great integrity, but little imagination. They were a steady pillar of self-control, yet boring to be around. In the end when the chips were down, all they want in truth is to be left in peace and have no trouble bother them.
A nice quiet life.

Sarah often wondered how it was (As did the rest of the town) that her mother fell for her father, with such a risk averse live style the pretty golden haired woman lived. It was after all a mystery that intrigued everyone in a small town such as the one they lived (Being that there wasn’t much to talk about in the coastal community.) But like I said, little is known about him.

Well, that brings us to Sarah Jennette Connor, eighteen years old, as of last Friday.
She was an undeniably pretty girl, long black curls, and warm green eyes. Though, the claim that she was an exquisite beauty would be a matter of opinion (As is the judge of beauty in any case.) Sarah Connor was brought up a proper lady, not exactly the most contemporary upbringing mind you, and to say she didn’t enjoy it was an understatement. But Brydons were prim and proper, well educated, and refined to fit the labels that were given to the family.

You see Sarah was different then her family, she didn’t enjoy being a debutant, or in fact like dinner parties, as one could attest to the Vinyl records of rock bands such as “Styx” and “Boston” hidden in the loose floor board under her bed. At night when it was time she went to retire, after her mother said goodnight, she would tack a poster of the “Go-Go’s” to her wall and go to sleep to the sound of “REO Speedwagon” in her earphones with the cassette relabeled Chopin as not to be discovered.

When she slept she dreamed, dreamed of amazing places, and amazing lives. She could go anywhere and do anything, fly bomber missions over Belgium like her grandfather, or become mayor of Los Angeles and see whatever movie she wanted. But most amongst all the things Sarah Connor dreamed about, it was the prospect of adventure. She wanted to leave the sleepy town, with the dull comings and goings of the past three hundred years of slow progress, and to go out and see the world … to matter.

They weren’t exactly the dreams of a well-bred and educated Brydon, but then this is why it’s concerning Connors.

It was the summer, a beautiful time of year in the part of the Country that Sarah Connor called home for most of the summers of her life. Green grass, fresh smell of cedar trees, the chirping of crickets. The days may have been hotter than the hinges of hell, but then there wasn’t anything quite like climbing a tree to catch the ocean breeze with a cold coke in your hand and look out over the miles of open ocean and wonder what was out there, what would happen if you took a ship and just kept sailing. Yes, Sarah had a globe and knew where she would be if she just kept sailing, but there were places and feelings that a globe, or atlas couldn’t direct you.

Sarah had spent many a summer afternoon in her tree, reading, or thinking, listening to her secret music. Someday it would be her turn to go out into the world, to go on an adventure. But for all of her great dreams and musings, there was one problem with Sarah Connor.
She was part Brydon as well.

There were many grand and marvelous day dreams that Sarah Connor distracted herself with in her summer home, but in reality, Sarah was a very shy girl, sweet in nature, but often labeled the quiet one. She had friends, friends that drove to concerts, and stole beer, and had parties on the beach. But when she was invited, Sarah always found a reason to decline their offers.
She was not a Brydon in nature or sensibility, but she had a Brydon conscious, and because she had a Brydon conscious, she found her wild nature to be mostly tamed by the voice of her grandmother in her head pounding her “Lady like” nonsense, which while she glared at in lectures, it surprisingly made her guilt bound to decline her better sense of adolescent enjoyment of rebellion.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Her name was Ginger Ventura, a high school friend from the city that had drove down to visit Sarah. Usually ginger’s involvement in Sarah’s summer’s involved Post cards and weekly phone chats, but since this was the first summer that Sarah Connor was going to spend completely alone in the old summer house, Ginger suddenly had taken more of an interest in her friends activities.

The first thing on the girl’s list was going to a bond fire beach party that happened every year with the local teens and returning college kids. Sarah of course knew about it, it was where her parents met, but she didn’t go to it, out of respect for her mother’s deeply personal feelings about the event. The truth was she had mentioned it in passing, and it was half an hour later that Ginger was making plans to go there.

Being that she never had been to a beach party before (or any party that wasn’t stuffy), it made Sarah uncomfortable when they drove down in the dusky evening, in an old jeep. Sure, she had seen MTV’s summer specials in Cancun with all the girls in bikinis and shirtless guys, and when she was alone, she had danced around her house to the music they played.

But now that Sarah had sand between her toes, with cut off blue jeans and a one piece swim suit, she found herself feeling strangely self-conscious despite the shirtless frat boys, bikini clad girls, and the loud music. She was probably one of the more modestly dressed people at the party, and yet she felt like she was naked. Of course she wasn’t Ginger who was bouncing around in Daisy Dukes, and a cut off football jersey … but still.

She smiled nervously at a group of guys who took notice, and nodded at the DJ who wiggled his eyebrows at her. She figured that maybe she could figure out what she was supposed to do at a party if she had time to think about it. So she chose an unoccupied spot in front of a fire and sat, watching people, trying to see what it was everyone else was doing.

As she scanned around she couldn’t help but no longer ignore the disturbing rock in her stomach that came from the knowledge that someone was watching her. It took her a moment to find who exactly it was, but she found them rather quickly, because it seemed that they for whatever reason seemed to stand out more than anyone else at the party.

It was a girl, a year of two younger than Sarah, Standing alone. She had a flawless shine in the firelight; there was a healthy glow of her peachy skin contrasted with her black nylon bikini top. She wore tight blue jeans and had bare feet that she was use to walking around in. But what caught Sarah’s attention was that the girl had intense and yet blank brown eyes that seemed to study everything, like some great bird of prey. It made Sarah nervous the way the slender beauty seemed to zero in on her with a tilt of her head in interest.

Before anyone says anything ... NO! I didn't watch too much Downtown Abby before I wrote this ... I was trying to crossover the Baggins and Hobbits with Sarah's family!

Someone tell me I haven't lost my mind?

Real Talk ...
I'm using this Journal for something serious?

No, Can't be!

lol ...

No, but on a serious note, I'm about to go on a small rant here that might make me lose followers. I'm sure it's sensative on some levels, but here we go.

Guys ... I'm tired.

and I'm Sick.

And if I'm gonna be honest here I'm sick and tired.

I go on tumblr, and I see all of these people flaunting graphics, and post from other people about things, about things that insult who I am and what I believe in, and I really get tired of seeing them.

and I've had more than enough here.

I'm a Roman Catholic Regan Conservative, I don't believe in Gay Rights, because I don't believe they exist. Gay people have as much rights as everyone else. So you want gay marriage? that's fine ... will anyone vote for it? A few ... but not enough.

I hate to break it to you people who call me a biggit, and a hateful person even though I have gay friends and don't hate them at all ... amendments are voted for the people by the people, a sixty percent population that doesn't hate gay people but doesn't believe in unions, because they're christians and fundemetally will not make an exception. Courts are meant to judge and uphold laws that already exist, they don't govern from the bench, which means that anyone who wants Gay Marriage will have to convince the American People on it.

And it won't happen.

And you know what this brings me to my next point ... For along time I see how people with extreme liberal values sit here and say how they're discriminated against, and how everyone hates them. But the minute someone like me doesn't agree with them on something who has solid points why I don't. I am a hate filled biggit, who hate crimes Lesbians couples outside dives and wants to lynch obama because I'm a racist!

What about your values is so right, that mine doesn't matter at all? That I'm some hate monger who believes in superstious things like God, and Constitutional Rights?

I'll give you a great example of this. This Christmas Eve, I went with my family to Midnight Mass, at my Gram's local Catholic church I used to go to when I lived down here. it's beautiful, and there's a concert with choirs and bells, and the church is almost magical to be in. So I'm sitting there at the end of the row and I see two females right in front of me, linked together, at first I think they're sisters, but they're petting eachother in a non family way. But I was like "Okay ... This is a church, everyone has a right to come and pray." So I shrug it off.

During Mass they begin to make fun of all of us, who do the rituals, they actually sit in the pews in front of me, and laugh at me, because I kneel at an alter with a crucifix and cross myself (That's special to me, because when I was little I saw movies where Knights would do that and I always thought it was something sacred.)

They thought the Mass, Communion, Lords Prayer, My Family, Me! the whole thing was one big joke.

Do you think that's right?

Do you think that's okay?

It's not!

But you know what, I don't think that all Gays/Lesbians/Liberals are that way. Because I've got respect for an individual's principles.

So why is it that I'm being profiled because there are a minority of Americans who come to peaceful rallys and say stupid things. why is it that I and my beliefs don't deserve the same respect that I give others?

If this is such a big issue that it can't be one way or the other, than you know what? Good luck, because you've just become that intolerant hater you've always said hated you.

And here's another thing, you cannot force a ancient institution like the Catholic Church to provide contraception, or Abortion services when it's against their beliefs. You want any of those things, don't go to a Catholic owned Hospital.

You know what ... it makes me my head numb.

That is dumb and I am done.

PS. I'm also sick of seeing this on other sights as well. There's nothing wrong with being proud of being the decendent of a Souther Solider of the Civil War or flying a Confederate Battle Flag for histories sake (Here in Austin there's a monument to Confederate soldiers from Texas outside the capital building, and there's a statue of Robert E. Lee at my University on the quad)I have alot of respect for it personally because I have an ancestor who fought in the Texas Birgade under General Lee in Virginia. After years of study, reading books and watching very good documentries on the subject I can guarentee you that 90 percent of southern soldiers didn't own slaves, and didn't care one way or the other for Black People. When someone comes marching into your home and tells you what to do, you fight them. The END.

I don't want trouble, but I want my side heard goddamn it.

(But If you want to comment with one opinion or the other, I won't bite your head off I promise. Also tell me if I should put a cut on this.)


Update for Update's sake
(Exerts from Dialogue notes to John and Cameron write a Porno)

Derek: What is going on here? *Motions to John's trousers covered in chalk white dust*

John: Oh ... don't worry, not my plaster.

Michelle Dixion: What happen to you?

John: *Awkward double take at her sitting so close to Derek and the fact that they're together in the first place* Ummm ... got into a rumble ... with some dry wall.

Derek: *Glares at the flimsy story knowing that he's been found out* Oh yeah? how was that?

John: About what I expected, you know how they are ... *Flicks back and forth in confusion at the coupling at the restaurant* especally in this part of town.

Derek: *Going back to brandy with a scowl* Can't win them all, kid.

John: Heh, you should see his buddies.

*Michelle chuckles and Derek glares with annoyance at John.*


John: Oh shit! here comes mom! *Turns to Cameron, then to the table* we need code words.

Adult Actress: Is this part of the interview? Cause I won fourth place at the Los Angeles: Girl's Correctional facility for our improve comp ...

Cameron: *Cuts off* Vagina could be vagayjay, Cunt, baby door ...

John: Baby ... Vagina is baby!

*Restraunt stares, Derek scrubs face.*

John: *Much more quiet,but more frantic as Sarah and Charlie approach* We need a word for Penis.

Cameron: *Looks around* Uncle Derek?

Derek: *Snaps to Attention* The hell?!

John: Perfect!

Derek: How?!

Cameron: *Crosses arms* Ever look in the mirror?


Actress: So that's when I started strictly working with babies ... some movies they have uncle Dereks too. *John, Cameron, Derek, and Michelle stare silently* Oh don't worry, they were just prostetics. *Smiles obliviously*

*Derek hangs head*

Sarah: Well I just broke up with a Uncle Derek. *Tries to show no emotion to the statement of emotional conflict avoiding Charlie's suspcious frown*

Derek: *Looks to Sarah with soulful hurt eyes*

Actress: *Smacks the table* Good for you ... a little female time! I mean Baby's are alot more work to keep clean, but if you use enough powder and wash them right they're better company. I mean the last movie I did with an Uncle Derek, my bush was burning so bad I though god was trying to get me on a plane to Egypt.

*John groans painfully and sinks head into his hands*

Sarah: *with worry* John is there something wrong?

John: *Mumbled* how much time do you have?

I'm all over this ...
Borrowed from GoddessofBirth

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your flist to post questions in the comments. For example: 'One, nine and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?' 'Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?' 'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?' 'Write a drabble in which three and eleven fight crime.' (...possibly not technically a question.)

3) After your flist has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

I probably don't have the followers to do this, but I'd love to see someone hit me up with one of these.

Lord of the Rings/ TSCC mash-up


Had a concept of this in the shower this morning ...

I actually had a concept of doing a TSCC Rebooted version of T1 to "The Hobbit" with Sarah going on a quest with 13 resistance soldiers ... (Kyle and Derek being amongst them.)

I stopped myself thankfully lol!

That Awkward moment when Sarah Connor was so innocent!
John Connor leaned his head against the window and moaned tiredly. "Oi ... this going to be a long ..."

"Oh my god!" Suddenly there was a rush of thumping on the carpet and John slowly turned toward it.

There were many things changing John Connor's view on the world of the 1980's ... Computers the size of bigscreen TVs the idea that his mother, the greatest fighter he knew, The rock of his life ... was captain of the cheer squad. But there are times in which John Connor questioned his sanity when he heard the only living human to destroy a liquid metal machine squee like a fangirl.

Sarah had in her in hands suddenly the lizard that John considered his unoffical deadbeat roomate.

"John!" The teenager gasped hugging the scale covered lizard as if it was a stuffed animal. "Who is this?" She brought it to eye level.

The young man just shook his head. "Is it mandatory to give that thing a name?" He groaned.

"Yes!" She giggled and kissed the it on the snout, which caused the entire room to take a step back and make disgusted groans.

John rolled his eyes. "Come on mo ... Sarah, don't kiss that ... I don't even know where its been and it lives here with me." He groaned with a squniched face.

Sarah stuck her tounge out at him. "He's not an it ..." She said petting the iguana's head.


"Yeah "Really" John!" She said in a mocking of the exasperated tone her future child gave her.

"Then what is it?" Ginger frowned with discomfort.

The girl gave a brilliant toothy grin and craddled the reptile. "His name is Pugsley, I'm his momma, and he is my squeeshy, forever and ever!" She cued rocking the lizard back and forth.

John gave the girl a long and disbelieveing look, bracing himself against the window. After a moment he turned to her friends.

"Is this a ... you know a common occurance, with her?" He quirked an eyebrow.

Matt Buchanan just snorted at the youth. "You think this is bad? There's a Orange County ordinance against her coming ten feet of restaurant lobster tanks."

Someone take the Keyboard from me!.
And now an excert from "John and Cameron Write a Porno"

In fact it was worth noting that the last man to have such a mustache of girth and fuzz was Adam Blakely, who strangely enough was college professor to Sarah Connor and her best friend Ginger Ventura. It should also be noted that when she was failing, Ginger invited her professor to their apartment one night, due to cold weather, car trouble … and a failing grade in his class. Ginger being a girl with a loose set of morals and legs seduced her professor and his mustache to Sarah’s room while the future mother of the resistance was at the library. What the red haired girl didn’t know was that the raven haired teen had left a thermal blanket warmer plugged in for her return. It was during a round of oral sex when there was an unfortunate short in the complex’s electrical … the result being a sudden spark from the blanket that started what one might call a “brush fire”, and thus concluding the reign of magnificence that was Adam Blakely’s mustache who met it’s doom in a fiery end that Robert Frost would be proud of. It is often overlooked that amongst all of Sarah Connor’s accomplishments in her later years it is little remembered that she was not only the mother of destiny, but the first to use the nickname “Fire Crotch.” In memoriam for her grandmother’s blanket and the only hair on her friend that she didn’t perm.

Deslea's Fanfic MEME 2011

So Deslea ... probably the best Sarah Connor writer on the planet, does this Meme about once a year ... which means that I read it and then fill the Meme out myself.

It's sort of a year of writing in review they ask you questions and you fill them out and in the end you're suppsoed to have a view on what you wrote that year and reflect and all that B.S.

So here we go!

Read more...Collapse )Read more...Collapse )


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