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Project Lioness (Interview 1)
Pretteh Sarah

Dr. Issac Burkoff, Project Lioness interview tape, number one.

Dr.Burkoff: Good evening Ms. Connor.


Dr.Burkoff: Captain, why does she look this way?

Cap.Lancaster: Sorry, sir … she tried to escape, she took down three of our men, we had to use the shock floors in Intensive Treatment to contain her, we shot her up with sedatives to get her here.

Dr.Burkoff: I need her lucid Captain! She is quite more valuable than your entire existence! The next time you harm her, I’ll have your men repay you for each bruise! Now get out!

Cap.Lancaster: Sir …

Dr.Burkoff: Forgive …

Sarah: That was a nice touch.

Dr.Burkoff: I don’t know what you mean?

Sarah: The good cop, bad cop … I’ve seen it before.

Dr.Burkoff: Yes, I’m sure you have. I’m aware of your stay in Pescadero … I’ve seen the tapes.

Sarah: Then, there’s no point to this, because you know all there is too know about me.

Dr.Burkoff: Yes, Sarah … Dr. Silbermen took very detailed notes ... was quite fascinated with you, he wrote several books.

Sarah: I’m sure They where real page turners.

Dr.Burkoff: They where not quite New York Times best sellers, some might have considered then bad taste, some might have even called them love letters.

Sarah: He wasn’t the sanest man on the planet.

Dr.Burkoff: It’s Interesting you say that, fore he said the same of you.

Sarah: I've been called alot worse..

Dr.Burkoff: I’m sure “Glamorous” might not have been one of those names.

Sarah: I’m not familiar with it, no.

Dr.Burkoff: He claimed that your extreme personality, exceptional beauty, and steep in urban legend was ripe for the new media to breed a different type of criminal. The leg braking, drug smuggling, gang banging of past generations might fall to a brand new element of more theatrical brigands.

Sarah: I wouldn’t consider myself theatrical.

Dr.Burkoff: No? Killer Robots, soldier’s from the future … the Cyberdyne building. It would seem all of your past exploits have been pure theater to the public.

Sarah: Please …

Dr.Burkoff: I’ve studied past cases. The “Purse Bomber” during the New York City transit Strike to the “Lake Anarchist” who stopped shipping from Chicago to Toronto for an entire year, she practically destroyed communities, leaving them without work. All these domestic terrorists had something in common.

Sarah: Political Science degrees from Berkeley?

Dr.Burkoff: No, Sarah … you.

Sarah: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dr.Burkoff: All of these “Psychotics” they studied you, worshiped you, You were their inspiration.

Sarah: I’ve never … Never meant to inspire that kind of ...

Dr.Burkoff: They were single mothers they saw the corruption of the world, they wanted to protect their child from the cruelity of it … and over five hundred Sailors, dock and transit workers were killed in their war.

Sarah: I’m nothing like that.

Dr.Burkoff: Of course not, your actions were pure, there’s were monstrous. Is one child worth so many lives in return?

Sarah: That’s not! … That’s not what I’m saying!

Dr.Burkoff: No … Your crimes have had less casualties, but more of an effect on society, why do you think you’re so Iconic Sarah?

Sarah: Don’t know … don’t care.

Dr.Burkoff: Because you’re John Henry.

Sarah: What?

Dr.Burkoff: Back then people feared change, John Henry was the hero with the hammer. Progress was the decay of morals, his heart gave out, but he showed the courage and work ethic of a man. People today they accept progress, thrive on it, the values of what he and you stood for have changed since then.

Sarah: You’re saying people fear me, because they think I’ll blow up their Ishell’s?

Dr.Burkoff: Pod, Ipod’s … and yes in fact that’s what I’m saying. They feared you, because in the back of their minds they know you were right.

Sarah: And you believe me?

Dr.Burkoff: Of course, I know much of what you speak.

Sarah: fine, than one question …

Dr.Burkoff: I’ll allow it.

Sarah: If you know about all of it … Machines, Judgment Day. Why are you here?

Dr.Burkoff: You cannot stop Progress with a Hammer, Sarah … You must adapt to change, in order to control it.

Sarah: Hmm … of course, and you have me locked in here?

Dr.Burkoff: Taking and keeping you here in our facility is a safety precaution taken for your welfare, Sarah. But you won’t be here for much longer. Soon we’ll release you back into the world … and it might look different than when you last left it as will you.

Sarah: Is that supposed to scare me?

Dr.Burkoff: Only if you’re wise.

-End tape

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I've just started watching Alien Resurrection. Winona Ryder could have been a Sarah Connor. Maybe.

Thanks ... I'm rewriting an old story and this is the prelude ... they're a series of interviews involving Sarah and Cameron that set up the plot of the story series to kick off.

But to correct you ... that's actually Lena Headey, it's one of her first things.

I recognized Lena. I'm rather consumed by the Alien 'verse right now, and I thought Ryder's character "Call" was pretty badass. Unfortunately, the chunk I watched this AM revealed more about Call than I had remembered, and it's incompatible with her playing Sarah Connor. Without giving up any spoilers, other roles, however, may be possible, in the T'verse.

Glad to hear that you're writing more...

I've actually never watched an Alien movie before at all ... so I don't know anything about that.

I've been writing alot lately, right now I got a Hunger Games/TSCC crossover going on, so that's keeping me busy.

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